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ERF-I-INCENTRY, incomplete entry type?

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The Question is:

Everytime I generate Error Log, I get the following entry at the top of the log
 file. I am interested in finding out why and how this entry shows up and what
 it means. How do I go about finding more information on it?
%ERF-I-INCENTRY, incomplete entry type, 129
The system is OpenVMS AXP V6.2-1H3
Thanks for the assistance.

The Answer is :

  Apply the available mandatory ECO kits and recreate your error log.
  Check for a CPU or memory or other core hardware problem.  Obviously.
  Check for and determine the cause of any system crashes that might
  have occured around the same time as this error log entry.
  Contact your hardware support vendor for assistance.
  Also consider moving to DECevent and to Compaq Analyze, and to more
  recent versions of OpenVMS Alpha.

answer written or last revised on ( 7-MAR-2001 )

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