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FTP File Access via Web Server?

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The Question is:

I'm using IE5.5 I log-in on the VAX like this
ftp://username@, It's give's me my user directory - THAT's great.
But, I want to change the directory to something how do I do this. ex.
this is the directory I want to get in. I have system admisnistrator
 privelleges. How do get to that directory using IE5.5...
Please help..

The Answer is :

  The particular web browser is and should be irrelevent to the question,
  this is a question that is specific to the particular web server in use.
  Most web servers can be configured to permit access to specific system
  or user directories, but but most (all?) servers are expressly designed
  to prevent uncontrolled access to random directories on the target
  system -- for what should be obvious reasons.  Directories must be
  enabled for access.
  The OpenVMS Wizard finds it somewhat troubling that the specified
  (ftp://username@hostname/) permits access -- the OpenVMS Wizard would
  tend to expect that the remote password would be required.
  Per RFC 1738, the URL format is as follows:
  The Purveyor web server, for instance, uses the file PURVEYOR$HIDDEN.DAC
  for configuring the types of directory accesses permissible.  Purveyor
  also permits directory access via the specification of the username and
  password to the ftp://user:password@host/ URL specification.
  Please check your web browser documentation for details on configuring
  it for access to the local system.

answer written or last revised on ( 7-MAR-2001 )

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