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Upgrading from VAXstation?

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The Question is:

Dear Sir,
We are the Government Electrical Company in Indonesia and we are using the
 Digital Vax Station 3100 VS42A (VMS V 5.5-2H4) for the last past 12 years and
 we have a lot of problems because it is so old already and the disk space is
 small and everything are
out dated already compare to today's workstation.  So now, what we want to know
 that what is the new model but that it is equivalent to the previous VAX
 Station 3100 that we using now because our software must match with the
 workstation if not it wont wo
The software that we are using is from ALSTOM France is the biggest electrical
 company in France and they are the one who introduced us to use VAX Station
 3100 last 12 years ago because the software only work or suitable with the VAX
 Station 3100 VS42A (V
MS V 5.5-2H4).  It seems that Digital product are no longer available and its
 been changed by Compaq already so we want to know which is the new and
 powerful workstation that can be used with my software by using the new
Thank you very much for your cooperation and hope to hear your earliest reply.
Best regards,
Herman Arifin

The Answer is :

  New VAX systems are no longer available, though used VAX systems are
  and will likely continue to be available from a variety of sources.
  Of the VAX workstation line, the VAXstation 4000 models 60, 90, 90A,
  95, and 96 are the top end of the VAX workstation line, and would be
  likely direct upgrades for your existing OpenVMS VAX applications.
  OpenVMS itself operates on both Alpha and VAX platforms.
  Low-end Alpha workstations presently available include the AlphaStation
  DS10 (also known as the XP900), the AlphaStation DS20, and similar.
  All of these will be far faster than your existing VAXstation 3100.
  If you have the application source code and if the layered products
  you depend upon (if any) are available, you can generally migrate the
  application across to OpenVMS Alpha quite easily.  Check with ALSTOM,
  as a start.
  As for some general background and pointers to information on the
  acquisition of Digital Equipment Corporation by Compaq, please see
  the OpenVMS FAQ.
  ALSTOM is a Compaq partner, with information available at:

answer written or last revised on ( 7-MAR-2001 )

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