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Debugger cannot locate source code?

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The Question is:

Attempting to debug a c program.
When I step/into a particular function the debugger returns with the message
 'source code not available.'
this function is part of the program and not
an object that is link edited.
I am not the only programmer getting this
Can you tell me why I am getting this message.

The Answer is :

  You are receiving this error because the particular program unit
  was not built with debug, or the the source code is not available,
  or the source code was moved, or you have stepped into another
  (shareable) image and need to enable scope, or you are working
  with a language (such as embedded SQL) that requires you to
  maintain the original source module and (when debugging) an
  "intermediate" source module that results from the preprocessing,
  or you are missing logical names or other access to the source
  files.  (Without more specific details, no more specific answer
  is possible.  That said, please review the SET SOURCE, SET MODULE,
  and SET IMAGE commands available within the debugger HELP.)
  The OpenVMS Wizard recommends a simple environment as a test, first
  compile a simple example source module with the typical qualifiers
  /DEBUG/NOOPTIMIZE, then link an executable image with LINK/DEBUG,
  then try debugging the result.  If you are working with a shareable
  image and wish to test the debugging, then use the C code example
  from Ask The Wizard topic (2486).

answer written or last revised on ( 8-MAR-2001 )

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