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Meaning of PQL_MPRCLM System Parameter?

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The Question is:

Please explain the sysgen parameter pql_mprclm.  The documentation says it is
 the minimum number of subprocesses that can be created with $creproc.  Why
 would someone want to enforce a minimum number of jobs to start?  I am asking
 because evidently at som
e point it was set to 200 on my system.  Obviously the 200 value if I
 understand how it is supposed to be implemented is not being enforced.  Am I
 mis-understanding something?

The Answer is :

  Clean the cruft out of MODPARAMS.DAT, (re)enter the specific and
  known application parameter requirements into MODPARAMS.DAT (and
  comment the changes), and then re-AUTOGEN the OpenVMS system.
  The parameter sets the minimum number of subprocesses that will be
  available to the new process.
  As for why this parameter might be set to 200 on your system, the
  OpenVMS Wizard would first recommend checking the documented
  requirements of any existing and installed applications, with
  the system manager that set this value, with any comments that
  might have been left in MODPARAMS.DAT (sometimes system managers
  actually document these parameter changes!), and (failing any of
  these approaches) will then have to enlist the assistance of the
  OpenVMS Psychic.

answer written or last revised on ( 8-MAR-2001 )

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