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PSM modifications to tcpip$telnetsym?

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The Question is:

I have have modified the print symbionts prtsmb and latsym by using the
PSM routines.
In the linker options I use sys$library:smbsrvshr.exe/share (prtsmb) or
 sys$library:lat$shr.exe/share (latsym)
I want to modify the TCPIP$TELNETSYM.EXE in the same way. How do I
do this?
Thank you
Sievert Peterson

The Answer is :

  Modifications to the telnet symbiont are not supported.
  Depending on specific application requirements, you would need to
  build your own telnet symbiont, or create and configure an
  intermediate symbiont to (re)format the data via a temporary
  file, a file which is then passed to the telnet symbiont.

answer written or last revised on ( 9-MAR-2001 )

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