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Disabling Ethernet NIC?

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The Question is:

I have recently installed a 10/100 card in my A2100 system.  I just enabled the
 card, but do not know how to have my backups run from this card instead of the
 10mb card it currently uses.  I should note that the backup of this system is
 done across the ne
twork (i.e. not locally)  How can I get my system backed up using this card so
 the backups do not take as long?

The Answer is :

  First, you will need to ensure that the performance limit here is the
  Ethernet NIC and not something else.  (eg: disk, tape, process quotas,
  As for enabling and disabling a particular Ethernet NIC, you can use
  the SET PREFERRED_PATH mechanism for MSCP access, the SYS$EXAMPLES:LAVC*
  stuff for SCS connections, and you can use the NCP (SET and DEFINE the
  associated LINE and the CIRCUIT off; for DECnet Phase IV), NCL (DECnet-Plus)
  and TCP/IP Services TCPIP utility to disable access to a particular NIC --
  the choice depends on which protocol you are using to access the tape.
  Or, obviously, simply disconnect the existing 10 Mb (megabit) Ethernet
  NIC.  Or you could configure OpenVMS itself to not autoconfigure the NIC.

answer written or last revised on ( 9-MAR-2001 )

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