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Where to acquire Compaq parts?

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The Question is:

I've read the FAQ, and searched the web, but i can't find it.
So here is my question:
Where can i buy a MMJ addaptator for plugging a GD terminal
(which have two 25 pins ports, a male and a female)
on my VAXstation 3100/76,
or should i make it myself ?
(i have a Sun SLC too, could i do something easier to plug it on the VAXstation

The Answer is :

  You can order the Compaq wiring adapters from Compaq or a Compaq reseller,
  and can likely also locate compatible adapters from a third-party, or you
  can wire the necessary adapter yourself.  The OpenVMS Wizard is not
  familiar with the devices cited and with the associated pinouts required --
  please contact a wizard for the particular platform for details.
  If you choose to wire your own adapters, please also acquire a serial line
  breakout box -- this testing device is invaluable for testing and for
  prototyping serial line connections.  Also seriously consider membership
  in the Compaq Assisted Services program referenced in the FAQ -- as the
  OpenVMS Wizard infers it is likely you wish to maintain your own
  equipment, this program can provide you with access to parts and spares,
  and to repairs and replacement parts, to hardware service documentation,
  and diagnostics.
  Details of the OpenVMS pinouts and of the Compaq Assisted Services program
  are included in the OpenVMS FAQ.

answer written or last revised on ( 12-MAR-2001 )

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