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Looping LAT Print Symbiont?

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The Question is:

A user started to print a report to a LAT print queue, stopped it and started
 the queue again using the start/que/search command.
This did not start printing again, possibly because the report was too small or
 the string did not appear in the rest of the report.
My problem is that this seemed to cause the SYMBIONT_1 process on the box to
 loop, causing the box to grind to a halt.  Can anyone tell me what is this
 process, why does is go into a loop, is there a patch for it.?  This happens
 intermediantly and I reall
y need a solution to it, can someone please help me.

The Answer is :

  Assuming the SYMBIONT_1 process is running on the OpenVMS
  system that was serving the print queue, the process is
  likely the particular print symbiont process involved with
  the LAT queue.
  Please first check for and apply ECO kits for OpenVMS, for
  LAT, for print symbionts, and for the queue manager.  Also
  check for any updates available for the remote LAT-capable
  device.  If your system and the remote LAT device are at
  current ECO levels and the problem persists, please contact
  the Compaq Customer Support Center -- expect to be asked for
  information on the remote LAT device, on the exact command(s)
  used, and anything that might be useful in reproducing the
  particular problem.

answer written or last revised on ( 13-MAR-2001 )

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