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Parsing directory names?

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The Question is:

Help with F$PARSE?

The Answer is :

  There is simply no elegance seen in this situation.
  In this situation, a concealed logical name is intended to conceal
  the presence of the device and directories; to appear and to operate
  as if only a device specification was provided.
  Navigation and parsing within directory specifications is not
  particularly pretty, and -- if you find you need to do this -- the
  OpenVMS Wizard would tend to recommend the use of the RMS services
  and the associated directory parsing mechanisms, and call the image(s)
  from the DCL procedure.
  If you attempt to parse the directory specifications directly within
  an application (without use of the RMS services), the OpenVMS Wizard
  would encourage you to avoid underestimating the inherent difficulty
  in a correct implementation, particularly given the features of the
  EFS (ODS-5) file structure that can be found on OpenVMS V7.2 and later.

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