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Resetting system password?

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The Question is:

System microVax 3100 M38 thats what it says on the front the tag on it says
 dka300: and the scsi hard drive in another case says dkb100:
Trying to get this system up and running. I type boo after startup and  i get
 to what i assume is a DECwindows screen what i found on a piece of paper for
 the login.
Now i can see some of the  things but i dont have privledges to run authorize
 and such is there a way to reset what i assume is the sysmgr account?
Thank You for your time
Douglas Robbins
is there a way to find it out?,reset, replace said password

The Answer is :

  There is no such system as a "MicroVAX 3100 M38", the most
  similarly named system would be the VAXstation 3100 model 38.
  As for resetting the password on the system username, please
  see the OpenVMS FAQ.
  Also please see the OpenVMS FAQ for details on the system disk
  size limitations of the VAXstation 3100 series.
  And please note that OpenVMS does not access any tags potentially
  on the front of or elsewhere on a disk drive when determining the
  drive unit number -- a few drives have plugs or switches, but these
  values are also not tied to anything written on the tag.  (A few
  jukeboxes do include barcode scanners, and can effectively read
  tags on the storage media.)  The OpenVMS Wizard encourages you
  to configure the storage at an available SCSI unit number, and
  then manually ensure that the tag value matches the unit value.

answer written or last revised on ( 16-MAR-2001 )

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