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Preprinted Forms and Printer Programming?

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The Question is:

We are using dot matrix printers with preprinted forms.  How can I create a
 graphic form to print from vms with the data to a laser printer so I can get
 rid of the dot matrix printers?  Hopefully I can create this form and just do
 a print/form=form1 data.

The Answer is :

  There are two basic issues here.  The storage of the graphic itself,
  and instructing the printer to overlay the graphic.
  One storage method involves using a laser printer that has the ability
  to retain images within the printer.  This capability is available in
  some models of printers that are supported by DCPS.
  The other storage method involves storing the graphic in a device
  control library, or merging merging Postscript (or other equivilent
  printer programming language) into the data stream for the document
  being printed.  Once the Postscript for the form is in the printer
  data stream, the form data is then effectively overprinted and the
  printer then prints the result.  (This approach involves a detailed
  knowledge of the Postscript language and access to a Postscript-capable
  printer, obviously.)
  If you choose to merge the graphic into the data stream, it is likely
  easiest if the work uses a device control library module, and (if
  needed) a module that resets the printer back to defaults.
  Pre-printed forms from a normal printing press can work, but check
  FIRST with the manufacturer of the particular laser printer for
  details, compatibility issues, and any paper-related restrictions.

answer written or last revised on ( 16-APR-2001 )

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