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Combining user-licensing license PAKs?

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The Question is:

I have a VAX-3100 system with a 8-user license (800 units). I have a new
 Product Authorization Key for VMS-USER with 100 units and if I enter that into
 the License Management Utility will that add 100 units to my exiting 800 units?
Or will it replace the old key with the new smaller key ending up with only 100
 units (1 user). If I can add to my users, which option should I select in
 License Mgmnt Utility, i.e, Register, Amend or Modify PAK.
Thank you,
Robert Hebertson

The Answer is :

  By default, the 100 unit PAK will be combined with the 800 unit PAK the
  next time the product license is loaded.  Depending on the version of
  OpenVMS, you may need to UNLOAD the product prior to LOADing it again,
  with the additional units.
  VMS-USER PAKs usually have the NO_SHARE option.
  In a cluster environment, such PAKs must have an INCLUDE list with one
  entry containing the SCSNODE name of the system on which the PAK should
  be loaded.   Further, each PAK should be loaded into (and duplicated in)
  every license database that is present in the cluster.
  In a standalone environment the include list is not strictly necessary,
  but the Wizard recommends that it be defined anyway.

answer written or last revised on ( 16-APR-2001 )

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