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Clearing wedged (hung) process?

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The Question is:

I have a VAX 7740 (4 cpu) running VMS V7.1
there are now two user processes that have the following condition
pipe show user/full | sear sys$input psccljr
 PSCCLJR    PSCCLJR       00001A69  NTY907:  (disconnected)
the proces PSCCLJR is running at about 98% cpu usage but cannot be removed from
 the system.  the user is not logged on and this process has no open files
the command
show process /id=1A69 returns
%SYSTEM-F-SUSPENDED, process is suspended
even though the process is in state COM
Can the process be removed without rebooting the VAX?
Thanks in advance
Tony Barker

The Answer is :

  The NTY name would imply that a Process Software TCP/IP stack is in
  use.  Please contact Process support, and see if they are familiar
  with this problem.
  Depending on exactly what has caused this process to wedge (and how),
  you may or may not be able to clear the problem and allow it to exit.
  AMDS is one of the most commonly-used tools to clear wedged processes,
  but it cannot clear all of the potential causes of a wedged process.
  You may be able to work around the problem until you can reboot the
  system by setting the process priority to zero.

answer written or last revised on ( 23-MAR-2001 )

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