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The Question is:

Monsieur Wizard,
   In article 5843, the wizard said that ...
> The aio POSIX.4 routines are part of the existing POSIX environment,
> and are also part of the new DII COE work.
From what I have read, some OS's that support the POSIX.4 routines
(aio_xxx) do so by creating a seperate Thread for each aio_xxx
call. The seperate threads then perform the I/O synchronously.
(not what I would call true async I/O)
Could you please give some indication of how the aio_xxx routines
will be implemented under OpenVMS with DII COE support, via $qio/AST's,
Pthreads or something new ?

The Answer is :

  Discussions of the internal implementation details of the OpenVMS
  Alpha V7.2-6C1 release (DII COE) are premature.
  If you wish fully asynchronous POSIX-compliant threading on an
  OpenVMS Alpha V7.0 or later system, please use the POSIX threads
  library (DECthreads) available with all recent OpenVMS releases.
  Also please see topic (6099) for details of threads programming.

answer written or last revised on ( 16-APR-2001 )

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