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Printers, Accounting, and Page Counts?

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The Question is:

Why does accounting report 0 (zero) pages printed even though some print jobs
 completed successfully?
I need to produce a report of the actual number of pages printed from any qiven
PRINT Job Termination
Username:          CHISHOC           UIC:               [CHISHOC]
Account:           P-PN-X            Finish time:       20-MAR-2001 18:22:57.41
Process ID:        00001520          Start time:        20-MAR-2001 17:54:03.10
Owner ID:                            Elapsed time:                0 00:28:54.31
Terminal name:                       Processor time:              0 00:00:00.00
Remote node addr:                    Priority:          100
Remote node name:                    Privilege <31-00>: 00000000
Remote ID:                           Privilege <63-32>: 00000000
Remote full name:
Queue entry:       518               Final status code: 00040001
Queue name:        OMERS5$PRT$HP4
Job name:          PRINT
Final status text: %JBC-S-NORMAL, normal successful completion
GETs from source:       14618
QIOs to printer:        14616
Pages printed:              0

The Answer is :

  Simple: because that is what the particular symbiont told accounting.
  In some cases, the symbiont has some idea how many pages were printed.
  In other cases, the symbiont simply has no idea -- without far more
  detailed knowledge of the print file format or specific communications
  with the printer, the page count value might only be available within
  the printer.

answer written or last revised on ( 23-MAR-2001 )

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