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SET FILE/ATTRIBUTES and corrupt BACKUP saveset?

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The Question is:

ANSWER to "244. (5719)  Recovering data from (old) BACKUP tape?":
We had exactly the same problem and also did the same steps as Harald Pusch
 with the same results. Try:
Using 8192 instead of 32256 worked because the TAPE has rec=8192.
32256 is only for a DISK saveset. We got all files from the saveset after this

The Answer is :

  From the OpenVMS FAQ section in question: "In various cases (note that
  not all savesets use the default record size!), the following command
  might work:".  Key parts of that statement are "not all savesets use
  the default record size", "various cases" and "might".    The DCL
  command SET FILE/ATTRIBUTES that is included in that section of the
  FAQ MIGHT or MIGHT NOT work, in other words.
  The DCL procedure that is referenced in the same section of the FAQ
  will correctly handle savesets with these block sizes and with other
  block sizes.  The OpenVMS Wizard will ask that the SET FILE/ATTRIBUTE
  command itself either be removed from the OpenVMS FAQ or that the
  wording in that section of the FAQ be strengthened to more clearly
  indicate the potential fallability of the particular command.

answer written or last revised on ( 29-MAR-2001 )

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