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DECnet-Plus Event code 2 unknown class?

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The Question is:

Can you provide any help with decode this errror code ?
Event:  code 2 from: Node LOCAL:.MARIAH (unknown class) LOCAL:.MARIAH,
        at: 2001-03-28-08:52:54.352-06:00Iinf
        eventUid   1A5E4DAD-2360-11D5-8001-AA0004002B04
        entityUid  562B4000-43CF-11CF-8001-AA0004002B04
        streamUid  288F4EFE-2360-11D5-8003-AA0004002B04

The Answer is :

  From the DECnet-Plus documentation (release notes):
        6. Event reports posted by the node entity contain an extra
           occurrence of the node name, and are reported as coming
           from "Node nodename (unknown class) nodename". Use the
           Catch All filter to pass or block node entity events.
  Because of this problem, the event code cannot be mapped to the
  appropriate text string, which is why you see "Event:  code 2"
  instead of "Event: ID Changed".
  Here is how the NODE entity event codes map to events:
        CODE    EVENT
        ----    --------------------------------
        1       Renamed
        2       ID Changed
        3       IDROM Check Failure
        4       Address Changed
        5       Script Exception
        6       Initialization Script Completed
        7       Rebooted
  And as is usually requested here in the Ask The Wizard area, please
  also ensure you are running with the current version and ECO loaded.

answer written or last revised on ( 29-MAR-2001 )

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