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Advanced Server domain controller? (ERRGETDC)

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The Question is:

Problem between NT & OpenVMS rights information exchange.
New user entered into NT Domain cannot access to PathWork 6.0C "shares" on
 OpenVMS Alpha  v.7.1,v.7.2 Advanced Server running as BDC, Windows NT 4.0 as
I did all what i can understend to sync account.
DOOM\\ALPHA> logon vadim 123456
The server \\TF successfully logged you on as VADIM.
Your privilege level on domain DOOM is USER.
The last time you logged on was 03/30/01 10:34 AM.
DOOM\\ALPHA> show user vadim/fu
%PWRK-E-ERRGETDC, cannot get domain controller for "DOOM" from "ALPHA"
-LM-E-ERROR_LOGON_FAI, logon failure
Where is problem source?
How i can be sure what account sync work properly & successefull.

The Answer is :

    The information you provide indicates the server \\TF validated the
    logon, but it is not clear if \\TF is the PDC or another BDC.
    If \\TF is the PDC, then your OpenVMS server \\ALPHA has likely not
    joined the domain correctly, or, the secret password for the machine
    account for \\ALPHA has become out of synch.  The solution is to remove
    \\ALPHA from the DOOM domain by using PWRK$CONFIG to temporarily join a
    temporary domain, and then, re-join the DOOM domain.
    If \\TF is another BDC in the domain, then, you should first verify
    that you have TCP/IP connectivity to the PDC (use Ping address), and
    then that you have NETBIOS connectivity (use Ping netbios-name).
    Assuming you can communicate between the OpenVMS machine and the PDC
    for DOOM, then there is another problem which may in fact be solved by
    the solution mentioned above.
    Problems of this nature are very, very difficult for the Wizard to
    assit with.  There are far too many variables and dependencies.  The
    Wizard recommends you contact your local customer support center for
    assitance with problems of this nature.

answer written or last revised on ( 30-MAR-2001 )

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