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Third-party Storage? (EMC, IBM)

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The Question is:

Please be so kind to tell me whether the EMC Symmetrix and/or IBM Enterprise
 Storage Server
are supported by the Volume Shadowing function ?
If yes, is it possible a shadowset with one member on EMC box and the other one
 on the IBM box ?

The Answer is :

  These devices are not supported by and not tested by Compaq OpenVMS
  Engineering.  Please contact the third-parties for assistance, or
  (if you wish to negotiate with Compaq to provide specific support
  for these or for other widgets) please contact your local Compaq
  Services representative directly.
  The OpenVMS FAQ has general information on testing and configuring
  and supporting various SCSI devices, and details of some of the more
  common problems seen with various SCSI widgets.

answer written or last revised on ( 8-MAY-2001 )

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