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HP Printers and Blank Pages?

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The Question is:

Alpha 4100, openvms V7.2-1, HP laser printers
subject:  generation of extra form feeds on
I am working through a problem with UCX printer
queues where a blank sheet of paper comes out
with every job printed.  I have used all the UCX
print que options to stop this, but it continues
anyway.  The following is an example of the
statement we use to set up the printers:
We are using HP laser printers that have their
own ethernet cards or are connected through HP
Jetdirect 500X printer hubs.  In the "Digital
TCP/ip services for open vms" guide section
19.1, it states that i need to DEFINE
queues.  If this is true, how do I do this?
Thank you for taking my question.

The Answer is :

  Please see the OpenVMS FAQ and please see topic (1020).

answer written or last revised on ( 3-APR-2001 )

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