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System Time Synchronization Products?

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The Question is:

We are having a problem with time synchronization on our systems (spread out
 over a statewide area).  With the current setup, our proprietary software
 provides time updates, but has a problem with message queues getting filled
 up, and therefore sending ol
d times to the clients (which they're accepting).
We have one host which is an Alpha (as shown), 3 clients which are Alphas, and
 one client which is a VAX.
We are aware of the DEC/DCE which can be used for time synchronization - is any
 version of this product compatible between Alpha and VAX systems alike?
Host   = openVMS Alpha 6.2-1h3
Client = openVMS Alpha 6.2-1h3
Client = openVMS Alpha 7.1-1h2
Client = openVMS Alpha 6.2-1h3
Client = openVMS VAX   6.2

The Answer is :

  Please see the OpenVMS FAQ, as it contains information on time
  and time-related configuration information, and on the NTP and
  DECdts (DTSS) tools and similar mechanisms.

answer written or last revised on ( 8-MAY-2001 )

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