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Unable to download Compaq Analyze, DECevent?

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The Question is:

Decevent did not come installed from factory on ES40s.  OpenVMS package did not
 include CD which contained information.  Have attempted to download several
 versions from service tools website.  Once the exec is run on Alpha, image is
 not recognized for th
at platform.  Other options?

The Answer is :

  Contact Support, or use one of the available media-based distributions.
  More than a few folks have successfully downloaded DECevent and Compaq
  Analyze, so -- assuming that this is not simply a case of a file that
  gets corrupted during an FTP download (please see the OpenVMS FAQ) --
  there is something unusual occuring here (either in the download, in
  the local manipulations of the downloaded file, or with the source
  files at the Compaq website).

answer written or last revised on ( 10-APR-2001 )

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