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UIC groups and shared directories?

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The Question is:

On the university were i am studying they are using an " AlphaServer 1200
 running OpenVMS 7.2-1, Advanced Server"
We are tree students.
The school's computer support, have made a shared directory.
This is accessed via NT/win9x machines (i think they use pathworks), and ftp.
Via the NT's there are no problem.
But when we access true ftp, we cannot get write access to all directories and
 files on these sharers.
I have nailed problem the down to: there are three users and two groups.
A little listing from ftp:
Directory DISK8:[SONNY]
DSP1.DIR;1		1/35 28-MAR-2001 12:47:19  [CMSL,S11566]
her_gemmer_lars.DIR;1	1/35 29-MAR-2001 14:18:49  [STUD99,S13203]
I have said this to system support, but they proclaim that:
1) they cant give more than one group per user, and that they therefore can't
 give write access between groups (here CMSL and STUD99).
2) they can't give an user another group, without deleting this user and the
 content of his accounts, and then creating this user again.
Can you please tell me if is that true? If not please point me toward some
 material that i can read and slam on the supporter's desk.

The Answer is :

  While it is true that a user can be a member of only one UIC group,
  it is entirely false that write access cannot be granted across UIC
  groups -- the most obvious solution here would be the assignment of
  an OpenVMS security identifier to the particular user(s), and an
  access control list (ACL) on the device(s), file(s), and/or
  directory(ies) involved.
  Further, you can set up shared directory areas -- including setting
  up disk quotas, if desired -- using OpenVMS Resource Identifiers.
  For further information, please see the OpenVMS security manual.
  Search for the information on ACEs and ACLs and identifiers, and
  also for the information and examples of Resource Identifiers.

answer written or last revised on ( 10-APR-2001 )

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