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OpenVMS Symbol Naming Conventions?

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The Question is:

What are the restrictions/recommendations, if any, to the naming of C #def's to
 avoid collision with Compaq's #def's. Is it to avoid use of leading/trailing
Thank you very much.

The Answer is :

  For OpenVMS programming, please use the OpenVMS Symbol Naming Conventions,
  as documented in the Guide to Modular Programming manual in the OpenVMS
  documentation set.
  If you use the (Freeware) SDL tool, the (Freeware) GNM tool, and the
  OpenVMS MESSAGE compiler (and the undocumented MESSAGE/SDL qualifier),
  you will be able to easily generate convention-compliant language-dependent
  symbol definition files and SDML-format documentation entirely automatically,
  and from a common and language-independent source file.
  For details of ANSI C standards and ANSI C programming recommendations,
  please see the ANSI C standards documentation.

answer written or last revised on ( 12-APR-2001 )

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