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Bootstrapping Standalone BACKUP?

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The Question is:

I running 5 CI node VAXcluster with 3 VAXStation satellite's booting off of the
 cluster boot disk (HSC-70 based). The system disk is a shadow set consisting
 of 2 ra-92 disks dus0:(dua0: & dua4:). I am trying found a way of performing a
 standalone backup o
f the system disk. The target tape drive is a tk-70 on one of the CI node VAX's
 (6000-320). I am familar with standalone process on individual VAX's such as
 Microvax II (personal hobbyist license system at home) and VAX 8250 systems I
 manage over at Bango
r. The documentation did not say a whole lot about cluster disks. I did read
 little about shadow sets having to be broken up but that is about all. This
 question for our diasater recovery plan which was pointed out after our 6.8
 earthquake back on Februar
y 28 of this year.

The Answer is :

  Build a standalone BACKUP root on the system disk and/or on another
  CI-based disk.  Also remember to build the standalone BACKUP kit onto
  the TK70 cartridge, so that you have a way to bootstrap should the
  root on the disk be inaccessable.  (Bootstrapping standalone BACKUP
  from disk will be far faster than from tape, of course.)
  Simply bootstrap from the standalone disk or bootstrap from the tape,
  and target the specific (non-shadowed) disk volume for the BACKUP save
  operation or for the BACKUP restoration operation -- if you have
  performed this task on a smaller system, then you will be familiar
  with the process on a larger system.  The central difference among
  the various VAX platforms will involve the specific VAX console
  commands used to initiate the bootstrap -- the VAX console commands
  tend to be platform-specific, though the standard OpenVMS VAX system
  bootstrap command will normally closely parallel the command used to
  bootstrap standalone BACKUP.
  The RA92 disks, TK70 tapes, and the VAX 6000 model 300 series systems
  are all lacking capacity and lacking performance.  Your OpenVMS VAX
  version is also very old.

answer written or last revised on ( 12-APR-2001 )

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