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MDMS and TL891 Tape Loader?

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The Question is:

I have a tl891 library with a single TZ98 drive connected to a DS20E (SCSI
 connection). No problem accessing tape-by-tape using MRU, but if I need to
 access a number of tapes unattented (a BACKUP requireing >1 tape), this is not
 sufficient. I installed an
d configured MDMS to intercept and react on the OPCOMmessages but it fails.
 OPCOM messages are either not signalled or reacted upon. A manual LOAD VOLUME
 command only changes data in the MDMS database but will NOT access the
 library, seems to wait for som
ething but I can't figure out what. Any idea what to look for?

The Answer is :

  BACKUP can normally sequentially load and unload tapes from a tape
  library, assuming that the library itself permits such an operation.
  It appears you have encountered a problem with MDMS software, or
  that you do not have the TL891 loader configured correctly within
  MDMS, or that you have a problem such as a SCSI unit number collision
  with the GK-based jukebox control access.  (Loaders such as the TL891
  can be operated as a stacker or as a jukebox.  The latter generally
  provides more flexibility.  OpenVMS software uses the GK driver to
  access and control the jukebox.)
  Please check the MDMS documentation, and please check with the Compaq
  Customer Support Center for assistance in resolving this problem.

answer written or last revised on ( 13-APR-2001 )

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