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Third-party software? (FCX)

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The Question is:

Trying to track down a contact for VAX / Alpha
VMS product called FCX.  It is a file compression program similar to ZIP, but
 designed specifically for the VMS world.
Used it at last place of employement.
Thanks in advance... :-) ...

The Answer is :

  FCX is not a Compaq product, please contact Compact Data Works, Inc,
  for information on this product.
  Other available options include the available Freeware zip tools (and
  particularly INFO-ZIP and zip versions with "-V" OpenVMS file
  attribute support) and the self-extracting zip (sfx) tool, as well
  as the (less efficient) FTSV/FTSO compression using the OpenVMS DCX$
  calls, as well as the available bzip compression tool.

answer written or last revised on ( 16-APR-2001 )

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