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Internal details of TCP/IP and BG devices?

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The Question is:

 OpenVMS V7.1-2
 TCPIP V5.0a  ECO 2
 We have a "phantom"  BG device which somehow created by TCPIP, but now
 it seems to be "lost".
 At the DCL level we see it as BG129:, owned by the process
 TCPIP$INET_ACP. Looks like any other BG device on the system.
 However, inside TCPIP, when the command
 "$TCPIP SHOW DEVICE BG129:" is issued, it gives a warning, like this :
"%TCPIP-W-NODEVSOCK, device_socket not found".
 The command "$TCPIP DISCONN DEVICE BG129" also don't work.
 What gives ? How could we get rid of this device ?
 (It might be created by TCPIP when it tries to start up a service, and when
 that service fails to start or stay up, leaving this device orphaned.
 This device might also still connected that service, which gives us another
 problem... )
 Any help appreciated...           Thanks.                    Csaba

The Answer is :

  This is normal and expected, and please don't mess with it.
  (There is a known case where a BG device is not properly removed
  when the I/O channel is closed when using TCP/IP Services V5.1
  prior to ECO 1.  This problem is not known to exist on V5.0A
  ECO 1.)

answer written or last revised on ( 24-APR-2001 )

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