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Third-party hardware? (Exabyte)

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The Question is:

Attempting standalone Backup on a 3800 MicroVAX from HSD10 DSSI hard drives to
 Exabyte 8505 8mm tape drive.  I get the following errors; BACKUP-E-READVERR
 virtual read error, and, SYSTEM-F-VOLINV volume not software enabled. Have
 tried several drives and
different tapes.  I am able to do a Backup/image/verify from the system prompt,
 but I need to backup the system drive so I have to do the standalone backup.

The Answer is :

  You initially appear to have a hardware error or incompatibility.
  First, ensure that you have the current OpenVMS ECO kits installed,
  and (assuming you are not using a standalone BACKUP kit on the system
  disk) ensure that the standalone kit has been (re)built AFTER these
  ECO kits have been installed.  Better, use a standalone kit that was
  built from a far more recent OpenVMS VAX release, or -- if you have
  a CD-ROM drive available -- you can boot and run OpenVMS VAX from an
  available and bootable root found on all recent OpenVMS VAX CD-ROM
  installation media kits.
  Also please contact the organization supporting your third-party 8mm
  tape drive for assistance, particularly ensuring that the 8mm tape
  drive itself is at current firmware revision.
  Other Exabyte-related discussions include (186), (995), (1369), etc.

answer written or last revised on ( 23-APR-2001 )

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