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Hardware profiles for Console Events?

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The Question is:

I would like to know if it is possible to get "UP TO DATE" scan profiles (or
 even just some documentation containing Console Events) to be incorporated
 into either PCM or ConsoleWorks (the console management package shipped with
 the new AlphaServer GS ser
ies machines).  The OpenVMS FREEWARE CD contains some ancient profiles - what I
 really need are the latest Hardware/Software console events (i.e OpenVMS
 7.2-1, HSG-80 controllers, AlphaServer GS320's etc).  There is simply no way
 that we, the users of thi
s equipment can create these without having access to information which does
 not seem to be generally available.
many thanks

The Answer is :

  POLYCENTER Console Manager (PCM) is now a Computer Associates (CA)
  product.  Scan profiles are (were) included within the product.
  (Note: the Scan Profiles were removed from the Freeware V5.0 kit.)
  The ConsoleWorks implementation within the AlphaServer GS-class
  systems is specific to the particular AlphaServer GS-class console
  and system environment -- for information on the general ConsoleWorks
  product itself and its capabilities and requirements, please contact
  the folks at TecSys Development.

answer written or last revised on ( 8-MAY-2001 )

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