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Configuring queue for parallel printer?

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The Question is:

I am unable to get an LA210 working for a client on the LRA0: port of their
 AlphaServer 2000.  Can you give me some simple instructions for easiest method
 of setting up a queue on this system?
Thanks for your time.

The Answer is :

  Without specific details of the problem(s) seen and the printer
  cabling and OpenVMS host print queue configurations tried, no
  specific answer is possible.
  Get the available LRDRIVER ECO kit as a start.
  Setting up a print queue targeting a parallel port printer is
  identical to the sequence involved in setting up a print queue
  for a serial printer.  Please see the OpenVMS documentation
  for details on setting up print queues.
  This LA210 printer is, of course at least fifteen years old.
  LA210 printers with the LA10X-EP Parallel option settings:
     Switch     ON(left)                OFF(right)
     1          Input data inversion    No data inversion
     2          DEC LA180               See Note 1
     3          7-bit character         8-bit character
     4          IBM/TI/Centronics       See Note 1
     5          Parity                  No parity, See Note 2
     6          Odd parity              Even parity
     1: Only one of these switches can be on at a time (either 2 or 4).
     2. Parity is enabled via switch 5, switch 6 then determines odd/even.
     Normal settings for IBM PC operation are:
     1-3,5,6 off and 4 on.
  If unable to resolve the problem via the above information and the
  print queue documentation, please contact the Compaq Customer Support
  Center directly.  Expect to be asked details of the hardware and
  software configuration and of any error message(s) seen.

answer written or last revised on ( 26-APR-2001 )

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