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Hardware serial number?

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The Question is:

How do find the serial number on a VAX if the system is up and running.  You
 cannot find it in the errorlogs.  You don't have a PCM log to check from
 either...and you don't have a memory dump with it..  Is this hardware specific
 or Software specific...I k
now that on an 8400 or most alphas running more than 1 processor that you can
 do a show cpu/full and get the serial number....But I haven't found a way on a

The Answer is :

  Most VAX systems do not have hardware serial numbers.  Those
  that do can generally have the value changed via switchpack
  or via console command.  VAX systems do not offer a way to
  store and retrieve the system serial number off the serial
  number sticker.
  The closest available value involves the contents of the SID
  and the XSID, and -- depending on the VAX processor and (if
  applicable) the firmware -- these values can and do change.
  The Alpha system console offers an environment variable that
  can be set up to contain an arbitary serial number, which is
  what you are seeing.  This value is usually set to the value
  on the serial number sticker.
  For those applications that require a unique value, the Ethernet
  address can potentially be of use.  (Assuming the system has an
  Ethernet controller, of course.)

answer written or last revised on ( 26-APR-2001 )

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