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Decoding process exit status?

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The Question is:

I have a process that is dying and looking at the acoount shows a exit code of
 10038004.  Exit%x does not translate it.  What does it mean? Here is the
 complete accounting record.
DETACHED ProcessTermination
Username:          ORACLE8IUIC:               [OINSTALL,ORACLE8I]
Account:           OINSTALLFinish time:       24-APR-2001 16:26:12.47
Process ID:        0000CEA5Start time:        24-APR-2001 16:16:50.96
Owner ID:Elapsed time:                0 00:09:21.50
Terminal name:Processor time:              0 00:00:06.83
Remote node addr:Priority:          4
Remote node name:                    Privilege <31-00>:FFFFFFFF
Remote ID:                           Privilege <63-32>: FFFFFFFF
Remotefull name:
Queueentry:                         Final status code: 10038004
Queue name:
Job name:
Final status text: <no text>
Page faults:              896        Direct IO:              23569
Page fault reads:         229        Buffered IO:    8499
Peak working set:       15232        Volumes mounted:            0
Peakpage file:        187888        Images executed:           15

The Answer is :

  The value seen is whatever happens to be in register R0 when the image
  exits.  (This value happens to look like random garbage.)
  For the format of the fields of an OpenVMS condition value, please see
  the OpenVMS Programming Concepts manual and related OpenVMS documentation.

answer written or last revised on ( 26-APR-2001 )

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