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Unattended System BACKUP Procedures?

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The Question is:

We have 2 tri-host clusters.  We run multiple backups each night.  There is
 rotation of full and incremental for each drive.  Total of about 46 drives.
 Backup is menu driven.  I would like to use a batch method for backup.  Any
 suggestions on where to be

The Answer is :

  You would (obviously) need to convert your menu-driven environment to
  one that does not need user input, and you would particularly need to
  move to larger-capacity tape drive(s), or one or more tape loader(s)
  or tape libraries, or (potentially simpler) you could replace your
  existing storage with fewer (and larger) disks and replicate the
  contents of the spindles via BACKUP or volume shadowing to a set of
  disk spindles otherwise reserved for archival purposes.
  Larger archival storage capacities -- regardless of the device type(s)
  involved -- tend to reduce requirements for operator intervention.
  Obviously, various combinations of these approaches are also possible.
  Existing example BACKUP tools -- such as the [SRH_EXAMPLES]DSBD.*
  modules found on Freeware V4.0 -- might well be interesting to you.

answer written or last revised on ( 1-MAY-2001 )

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