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OpenVMS and Windows 2000 (W2K)?

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The Question is:

We are trying to map between our VMS and 2000 professional, are they any tricks
 or software we need to do this?
Vancouver BC

The Answer is :

  "Map?"  Options for sharing printers and files include the Advanced
  Server for OpenVMS (PATHWORKS) environment, the SAMBA environment,
  and IP protocols such as NFS and LPR/LPD (IP network applications
  are provided by TCP/IP Services and various third-party IP stacks).
  Authentication options include LAN Manager (OpenVMS V7.1 and later)
  and the Kerberos client and server authentication capabilities that
  are available with OpenVMS V7.3 and later.

answer written or last revised on ( 3-MAY-2001 )

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