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Executing DCL command remotely?

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The Question is:

We have an existing process which uses DTF to transfer a file from the
 mainframe to a VAX. When the file transfer is complete, DTF executes/triggers
 a VMS command file (PROC.COM) which processes the transferred file. The DTF
 instruction is :-
We need to replace the DTF with FTP, as DTF is no longer supported here. I
 cannot find a way, using FTP, to submit the command file. I have tried using
 'QUOTE SUBMIT PROC.COM', as 'SUBMIT PROC.COM' would be the command entered
 from the command line on the
 VAX. However, I get the following message :-
502 SUBMIT is unimplemented.
EZA1735I FTP Return Code = 30502
EZA1701I >>>QUIT
221 Goodbye.
I need an FTP instruction to indicate (to FTP) that the SUBMIT command is a VMS
 command, not an FTP one.
Any ideas...???
Thanks in advance,

The Answer is :

  IP clients such as rsh and rexec are the normal approach for this
  particular purpose, and the TCP/IP Services packages provides both
  servers and clients for rsh and rexec.  Alternatively, you can check
  for the arrival of a file on the OpenVMS VAX or OpenVMS Alpha system
  using various techniques (including polling and security alarms), and
  process it accordingly.
  One of the more common tools for reliable FTP transfers is the Compaq
  FTSO package.
  You could use NETWORK mode within the LOGIN.COM of the target username
  for the FTP server.  If you choose this approach, you will likely
  also want to set the FTP server processes to exit immediately after
  transfers, typically via the available FTP inactivity timer mechanism.

answer written or last revised on ( 12-JUN-2001 )

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