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Shareable Images and Privileges?

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The Question is:

I have a shareable runtime library with routines that queue system wide locks
 using ENQW. Currently all routines in the library execute in user mode.  I
 want to modify it so that each user doesn't need to be assigned the SYSLCK
 privelidge.  At first I tho
ught I needed to be in EXEC mode when queuing the lock, and would need to
 assign the priveledge CMEXEC to the installed image.  I then got the bright
 (or maybe not so bright) idea to just assign the priveledge SYSLCK to the
 installed image.  That doesn't
seem to work.  Why not?  Below is the INSTALL command.  Routines are written in
INSTALL ADD SYS$SHARE:DASRTL.EXE /open /head /share /prot /priv=syslck
While doing the above, I had to re-link the sharable image with /NOTRACEBACK in
 order to install it with a priveledge.  Are there any ramafications to linking
 a sharable image with /NOTRACEBACK?

The Answer is :

  While shareable images can be installed with privileges using the
  INSTALL utility, this is ineffective and it will trigger "paranoid
  mode" within the image activation.   Only executable images should
  be installed with privileges, and the INSTALL utility privilege
  specification will only be honored by the image activator for (and
  thus only effective with) executable images.
  You will want a user-written system service -- often confusingly
  called a privileged shareable image, but quite different than a
  shareable image.
  The shareable image cookbook -- available at the Ask The Wizard
  website -- has various details that will be of interest.

answer written or last revised on ( 3-MAY-2001 )

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