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Cause of Sporadic Login Failures?

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The Question is:

We are switching from a Vax3100 to an AlphaServer DS10. We currently use DECHUB
 90 with DECSERVER 90L to connect our users. As we've been adding additional
 DECSERVERs we've noticed sporadic problems with users not being able to log
 in. We've checked the l
ines, connections and Digital terminals. We have several more hubs/servers to
 add but are not sure if there is a better way or what additional equipment we
 need to make the connections more reliable.

The Answer is :

  There is insufficient information here for a specific answer, as
  the OpenVMS Wizard would first look to resolve the cause of the
  (unspecified) sporadic login problems.  Please contact the Compaq
  Customer Support Center.  Expect to be asked the protocols, the
  network configuration, the error counts and error log entries
  (if any), the error message(s) seen, and other information that
  could be useful in locating the cause of the sporadic login problems.

answer written or last revised on ( 8-MAY-2001 )

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