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Copying contents of magtape to magtape?

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The Question is:

We have created a large disk of about 35 gig in size on our VAX system.
Is there a way to copy ... backup/image SAVESETS that are no more than
1.5 gig in size from round reel tapes and put about 20 to 30 of these
backup/image SAVESETS from tape onto that one large 35 gig hard drive.?
After the 35 gig hard drive is full of these image savesets, we will then
back them up to DLT tape.
Using the following commands to copy the saveset from tape to disk
results in an error:
mount/over=id roundreeldrivename:
copy roundreeldrivename:*  to_35gig_hardrive
Note: I want to treat the backup/image saveset on tape like its one big file
and put it to the 35 gig hard disk.   Then I want to take another backup
/image saveset from another set of tapes and put a copy of it to that same 35
 gig hard drive.  I want to continue to do this so that I've copied about
25 to 30 of these backup/image SAVESETS to that one 35 gig hard drive so
that I can eventually back up that one 35 gig hard drive to DLT tape.
The problem is getting these backup/image SAVESETS from tape and
transferring them to just ONE 35 gig hard drive.
Thanks for your help.
Tim Kelly

The Answer is :

  TAPECOPY (on Freeware V5.0) will be of interest, as this will allow
  you to perform a tape-to-tape copy.
  The Compaq Saveset Manager package may also be of interest.

answer written or last revised on ( 12-JUN-2001 )

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