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Resolving INSVIRMEM error?

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The Question is:

I receive a "-LIB-F-INSVIRMEM, insufficient virtual memory" error message while
 using the CONVERT/FDL command.  What do I do to correct it?

The Answer is :

 INSVIRMEM,  insufficient virtual memory
  Facility:     LIB, Library Facility
  Explanation:  The application was unable to allocate additional virtual
  User Action:  Reduce the application's size or complexity, or increase the
                amount of available virtual memory by taking one or more of
                the following actions:
                o Adjust the AUTHORIZE quota PGFLQUO to increase the user's
                  paging file quota
                o Change the SYSGEN parameter VIRTUALPAGECNT to increase the
                  system's virtual page count limit
                o Increase the size of the system paging files
                o Increase the amount of system physical memory
  If specific tools are involved, you will want to determine if the tools
  dependent on the working set size or on the record length as part of the
  operation.  Specific examples include the dependency of certain versions
  of C RTL and of SORT on the maximum record length, and the dependencies
  of SORT and BACKUP on the particular working set quotas.
  Also ensure that the PGFLQUOTA quota is set larger than the WSEXTENT
  setting.  You will have to check both the AUTHORIZE process quota
  settings, and you will also need to check the PQL_M* system parameters
  for these settings.
  To check the values that were assigned to a process based on the
  larger of the process quotas and the PQL_M* parameter settings, use
  the F$GETJPI lexical function:
    $ write sys$output "WSEXTENT=''F$GETJPI("","WSEXTENT")'"
    $ write sys$output "PGFLQUOTA=''F$GETJPI("","PGFLQUOTA")'"
  Make sure PGFLQUOTA is at least twice WSEXTENT.  Also remember to add
  additional pagefile storage as needed to cover the extended allocation.

answer written or last revised on ( 12-JUN-2001 )

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