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Third-party Hardware? (Dataproducts Printer)

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The Question is:

What are the requirements on DEC 250 server for connetting to a Dataproducts
1: Does it support DPC short line parallel?
2: What value resistors are needed for pull-up and pull-down on printer's I/O
Or if it should be conneting to a serial printer
and what are the requiremets?
                              Thank you !

The Answer is :

  There are a large number of Data Products printer models around,
  and the OpenVMS Wizard is not familiar with the product line.
  As for the parallel interface on a DECserver 250 series, please
  use a more modern NIC for the printer -- a DECserver 250 is very
  old and is no longer a supported device.  It has the oldest of
  parallel interfaces.
  As for serial printing, various cabling and pinout information is
  included in the OpenVMS FAQ.  Also see the OpenVMS System Manager's
  documentation for details on setting up the queues.  Also see the
  various discussions of modems and pinouts here in Ask The Wizard.
  Hacking hardware (ohms, etc) is well beyond the scope of the OpenVMS
  Ask The Wizard area.   If you want the hardware specifications for
  the DECserver, please check to see if the service documentation is
  available from the Compaq Assisted Services organization.  If you
  want hardware specifications on the data products printer, please
  check with the appropriate support organization.
  Given that a new printer is often priced under US$100, the OpenVMS
  Wizard recommends a new or recent (used) printer.  Acquiring a new
  or used printer with a NIC would obviously be preferable.

answer written or last revised on ( 10-MAY-2001 )

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