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Bypassing kernel-mode (driver) interlocks?

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The Question is:

Migrating application from 11/780 to 8350, using SYSGEN to load unibus device
 drivers for a DR11-B have the following occurring.
Script called the following;
$ mc sysgen
load xbdriver
When the 8350 tries the line "load xbdriver" it outputs an error code
 "non-smpized driver cannot be loaded".
Is there a way around this? We have got over the problem temporarily by
 removing the second CPU but would prefer it to work with both CPU's in place.

The Answer is :

  Either disable one of the two processors in the VAX 8350, or update
  the device driver involved to correctly handle SMP synchronization.
  The interlock you are encountering is one that is specifically intended
  to avoid the problems that can and often do arise from unsynchronized
  kernel-mode activities.

answer written or last revised on ( 11-MAY-2001 )

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