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NetRAIN (Network RAID) support?

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The Question is:

I have an ES40 running OpenVMS 7.2-1.  The system has a Compaq dual ethernet
 adaptor installed (I think it is a NC3134 64 Dual 10/100).  Network software
 is Compaq TCPIP 5.0A.
Is it possible to set up VMS/TCPIP to "team" the two ethernet connections
 together to form a single logical 200 Mb connection?

The Answer is :

  The failSAFE IP early adopter's Kit (EAK) is now available.
  It is expected that this package will be incorporated into a
  TCP/IP Services release after V5.3, currently likely to be V5.4.
    failSAFE IP is a solution for seamlessly achieving the highest
    possible availability for IP-based applications.  A failSAFE IP
    configuration uses multiple Network Interface Controllers (NICs) with
    multiple IP addresses configured in the same subnet.
    In the event a NIC failure is detected, all IP addresses and static
    routes associated with the failed NIC are reassigned to the next
    available controller, ensuring existing connections are seamlessly
    maintained.  In addition to providing failSAFE IP, TCP/IP Services
    software uses multiple NICs to automatically provide load-balancing of
    outgoing connections across NICs configured in the same subnet.
    Further, a higher aggregate throughput is achievable using multiple
    NICs.  In this way, the customer's investment is being fully utilized.
    There are no restrictions on the speed or type of NICs used in a
    failSAFE IP configuration and it is quite practical to mix and
    match controller types and speeds.  The only requirement is to have
    multiple addresses configured in the same subnet on different
    controllers.  The kinds of failure that are detected include anything
    that prevents the NIC's receive counter from changing.  E.g. typical
    events include: NIC failure, disconnected or broken cable, failed
    switch, or disabled port on a switch.
    In the event a NIC recovers, (e.g. the cable was reconnected), all
    addresses that were configured on the NIC prior to failSAFE IP
    starting will be restored.  These pre-configured addresses are
    referred to as the NIC's home addresses.  Addresses that are
    configured after failSAFE IP is started will only be restored if they
    could not failover to an alternate NIC and they are configured in the
    same subnet as one of the NICs home addresses.  To avoid confusion, it
    is best to restart failSAFE IP after any address changes.
      To download the latest failSAFE EAK kit for TCP/IP Services V5.3,
    you will need to use the following procedure:
          1 - Send mail to majordomo@ucx.lkg.dec.com, with the following
              command in the body of the mail text:
                      get failover-openvms failsafeip.uuencoded
              You will receive a mail message containing a uuencoded Alpha
              executable image. If your mail client automatically decodes
              the mail then just save it, otherwise you will need to use
              UUDECODE to convert the mail to an Alpha image.
          2 - Save the Alpha image on your target Alpha system then do the
              following command:
                      $ RUN DEC-AXPVMS-TCPIP-FAILSAFE-T0100-1I-1.PCSI-DCX_AXPEXE
          3 - This will create the DEC-AXPVMS-TCPIP-FAILSAFE-T0100-1I-1.PCSI
              kit which you can now install using $PRODUCT INSTALL.

answer written or last revised on ( 17-MAR-2003 )

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