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The Question is:

What is the reason for DCEPRC-E-PROTSEQNOTSUPPO
errors ?

The Answer is :

  The PROTSEQNOTSUPPO error indicates an attempt to use a protocol that
  is not supported by RPC.  The supported protocols on OpenVMS are:
    TCP/IP    - ncacn_ip_tcp
    TCP/UDP   - ncadg_ip_udp
    DECnet IV - ncacn_dnet_nsp
    DECnet V  - ncacn_osi_dna
  If you have the logical name RPC_SUPPORTED_PROTSEQS defined, determine
  the translation.
  If you have a call to rpc_server_use_protseq, determine which protocol
  was specified.
  To permit RPC to negotiate the protocol, use rpc_server_use_all_protseqs.

answer written or last revised on ( 12-JUN-2001 )

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