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Disable DCL command line RECALL?

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The Question is:

How i can to disable the RECALL command by DCL, or by other way ???

The Answer is :

  Your question is sufficiently terse as to be unanswerable.
  There is no specific and supported means to disable the DCL
  command RECALL nor most other DCL verbs, though you could
  clearly prevent casual use via:
    $ RECALL :== !
  Or you could prevent the user from ever reaching DCL, via
  the mechanism known as CAPTIVE account.
  Within a specific I/O, the TRM$M_TM_NORECALL modifier may be
  of interest.
  To disable all line editing, use:
  Again, what is your goal?
  If this is a case of the INQUIRE command loading strings into
  the recall buffer, use the READ command in its place.

answer written or last revised on ( 12-JUN-2001 )

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