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Freeware TSM021 Decompression Error?

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The Question is:

I have a problem with TSM021.DCX_AXPEXE from
freeware50 . After downloading the file i try to
extract the file (run TSM021.DCX_AXPEXE) and
then recieve the following message
%FTSV-W-COMP_DECOMPERR, fatal decompressor error
-DCX-W-TRUNC, data truncated
Niklas Pernheden
Volvo IT

The Answer is :

  That would apparently be a bug in the kit found on the Freeware V5.0
  media, and a new version of the kit will be reloaded onto the Freeware
  Please try the version of the TSM kit that is presently available via:

answer written or last revised on ( 12-JUN-2001 )

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