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OpenVMS on DEC 2000 series?

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The Question is:

I'm trying to reconfigure a DEC ALPHA axp150 server but the ECU disks for VMS &
 NT are missing. At present I can't boot as it's asking to use the EISA (ECU)
 disk. Is there anywhere that I can download this ECU?

The Answer is :

  You will need to order the ECU media, though the OpenVMS Wizard would
  also tend to recommend acquisition and use of an AlphaStation or
  AlphaServer system more recent than the DEC 2000 series (also known
  as the DECpc AXP 150 series, when running Windows NT).
  If you DO choose to use the DEC 2000 series, do NOT exceed the supported
  SCSI I/O configuration, and do NOT attempt to extend an internal SCSI
  bus outside the enclosure -- configure a second SCSI controller.  Also
  ensure that you are using an Adaptec AHA1742 series SCSI controller with
  the appropriate revision -- OpenVMS requires revision G.1.
  OpenVMS support for the DEC 2000 series is expected to be retired prior
  to the release of OpenVMS Alpha V7.3-1.  OpenVMS Alpha V7.3 will likely be
  the last OpenVMS release with formal support and formal testing of OpenVMS
  on the DEC 2000 series.

answer written or last revised on ( 12-JUN-2001 )

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