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Open3D Graphics Support?

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The Question is:

Having eventually determined that my graphics device requires "Open3D" to work,
 I'm stuck. Where is Open3D? Is it on the OS CD, or the Layered Products CD, or
 somewhere else entirely? Why is there no information about it on the website?
(Someone has asked something similar before, but got a less-than-definitive
 answer... maybe this time.)

The Answer is :

  Open3D is a kit containing device drivers and associated software
  for specific OpenVMS releases and for specific (and now somewhat
  older) graphics devices -- support for newer graphics controllers
  now uses ECO kits for shipments subsequently followed by integration
  into OpenVMS, though an Open3D license is still required for 3D
  Open3D for OpenVMS Alpha is SPD 45.08.xx, with the unique pproduct
  identifier (part number) of 0AD.  Open3D part number information
  and order numbers, extracted from the Open3D SPD:
     Software License:                QL-0ADA*-AA
     Software Library Package CD-ROM: QA-0ADAA-H8
     Software Documentation:          QA-0ADAA-GZ
     Software Product Services:       QT-0ADA*-**
  The Open3D kit is included with the OpenVMS layered products library
  CD-ROM kit, in the March 2001 OpenVMS Alpha Software Product Library
  Master Index, the Open3D kit is located in directory [OPEN3DA049].

answer written or last revised on ( 21-MAY-2001 )

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