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Undocumented $getsyi features?

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The Question is:

On a DS10, the GETSYI lexical function with Temperature_Vector indicates a 25
 (hexa) temperature :
ANTARS> Temperature  = F$Getsy("Temperature_Vector")
ANTARS>sho sym Temperature
ANTARS>sho cpu
ANTARS, a COMPAQ AlphaServer DS10 617 MHz
For this CPU type what is the correct temperature range for this argument ?
Note that a DS10 is a range up, to 400C.

The Answer is :

  As you are undoubtedly aware, this itemcode is not documented,
  and the results returned tend to be system specific -- various
  systems provide different capabilities, and individual systems
  may or may not provide sufficient hardware (and hardware reports)
  for a thermometer emulation -- the supported interface is via
  the MIB.
  That said, topic (2945) may be of interest.
  For thermal limit specifications for the AlphaServer DS10 series
  or other AlphaServer, please see the hardware documentation that
  is available at the Compaq Website.  From the QuickSpecs for the
  AlphaServer DS10 series, the system temperature limits for an
  operating system are from 10C to 40C.  Chip thermal limits can
  tend to be higher than this range, and are included in the Alpha
  microprocessor documentation, with a pointer in the FAQ.

answer written or last revised on ( 21-MAY-2001 )

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